PM (4th November.1988 / Lusaka)

I Trust

I trust the dirt, I trust the rain
I trust the cars, I trust the train
I trust the secrets, I trust the truth
I trust the old, I trust the youth
I trust my Life, I trust My Death
...I trust My right, I trust my left
I trust the Ground, I trust the skies
I trust the Truth But not the lies
I trust the fairies, I trust the elf
I trust you all… just not myself

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Comments (4)

nice work of art..its really sad how someone goes from goes from good to bad...
A sad story of an ungrateful and adulterous wife is aptly captured in the poem. A tale of fundamental betrayal of trust nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing Preston.
This is quite deep Preston.Betrayal in marriage is such a letdown.
When I married you we became one body, but now it is one body against many bodies. becoming one body and one flesh is very much biblical........... thank you very much......... for this poem.