Let Love Fill Up Your Lungs

Recreationally i've been wasting time,
Minding my own business,
Reaching out for fresh air,
Closing your eyes to inhale,
Let love fill up your lungs.

Seen you flying in the skies,
Reflected horizons in your eyes,
Diving and dancing,
Freedom is granted,
A sight so enchanting.

Chasing rainbows,
Weaving between drops of rain,
Vitamin D from the sun
Close your eyes to inhale,
Let love fill up your lungs.

On the horizons sun, Monograms of ourselves, Restraints unfold and were undone.

Happiness is the holy grail,
For a modern life,
Close your eyes and inhale,
As the heavens open,
Let love fill up your lungs.

by Craig Turner

Comments (10)

Yes. That's the way it is. It comes and goes.
This poem illustrates how Frank O'Hara has a major place in a line of American poetry: free verse = Walt Whitman, Wm Carlos Williams, Allen Ginsburg, Frank O'Hara, Charles Bukowski. These poets reject traditional poetic forms as often being artificial. They also have stood out against Modernism (and much postmodernism) as being academic, elitist, and inaccessible to literate readers. This is not one of my favorite O'Hara poems, but it is one of the most often anthologized. And, by the way, Elias and Patrick, O'Hara's sexual orientation and relationships are irrelevant to this poem - though this is not always the case. So?
i really dont understand this at all, but I like the name. I have wondered why I am not a painter...being a writer instead, i never found the answer nor understood why i chose to let myself and my feelings out through words instead of a brush. Interesting thought but i seriously dont like the poem at all.
Nice. I played an imaginary background theme song as I read.
Perplexing but it shakes you up. I think this poem tries to express the different moments of creativity and how the creative spirit takes over regardless and in spite of the wishes of the creator. Different and interesting. Provokes a new poetic sensation
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