A Broken Friendship

You out of my life was definitely a good thing
I felt like I was committed to being your friend
The only difference is there was no ring
I feel like you and I were just always on a different page
And every time I tried to go to the next chapter
You were holding me back and yet I stayed
I thought that you would change
ALWAYS acting like you were on your menstrual
I excused it hopin it would go away
But it was an everyday thing for you
I never trusted you completely
And I believe that truly
I even told you a couple of times
I guess I was SO right
For feeling the way I did
Some 'best friend'
Who cares about the broken relationship?
I seriously would not go back and change things if I could
Because you went TOO far
I don't see why I should;
Feel any remorse
To the friendship that was lost
Because a friendship that can't be fixed
In my eyes is a friendship that didn't exist
And back then anything is what I would risk
Just for you because my heart was that big
Now if you was to ever get hit by a car
Seeing you in the hospital with flowers
Would have to be thought about long and hard
Scratch that
I can't be like that
Cause the person that I am
Will always care if something bad ever happened
But under any other circumstances will you and I be relaxin
you and I will never be cool
Because you crossed way over the line
And I’m done wit you

by Shilesha Johnson

Comments (3)

well old man...you did it again. made me hate you even more after 2 years..Love skate
Jesse...just my opinion, but this seems funny prose to me...rather than poetry. Raynette
Sure, you're a mystic ... or you just need glasses.