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Why I Could Be A Mystic
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Why I Could Be A Mystic

Poem By Jesse Weiner

the book was lost, it was
a good book, a poetry
book. one I hated to
lose. I wanted to find

it, looked on every shelf,
might have put it away
wrong. made me sad,
I've lost too many books.

looked under every bed,
looked in the closets.
I heard simon perchik
was a lawyer, wanted

to find his bio. I even
looked in the vegetable
bin in my fridge. I looked
again, on every shelf,

saw the spot where it
belonged, under the
beds again, cleaned
out the dust. I've lost

too many books
before, this is no
good. I thought perchik
was a diplomat, not

a lawyer. I went to bed,
got up, looked under
the bed again. there
it was, I think it appeared

by magic. simon schuchat
was the diplomat. how
did it get there
the third time i looked?

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Comments (3)

well old man...you did it again. made me hate you even more after 2 years..Love skate
Jesse...just my opinion, but this seems funny prose to me...rather than poetry. Raynette
Sure, you're a mystic ... or you just need glasses.