Why I Dig Buddhism

There are many
a reason to like

Numero Uno:
it ain't yoga

Though I have not yet
found the way to my

I dig it 'cos
I can now

the serenity
of a clear cold mountain stream

the sublimeness
of a barren empty desert

the shitty-ness
of most cocaine

the truth
of good grass

the beauty
of green grass

the sexuality
of an otherwise casual glance

the only true freedom
of being alone

the unbearable lonesomeness
of the only true freedom

the tranquility
of eternity

the ignorance
of patriotism

the tyranny
of commercialism

the stupidity, the juvenile foolishness
of materialism

the destruction
of industrialism

the divinity, O the utmost divinity
of making love

the innermost peace
of Being

And yet

I still smoke Marlboro
I still enjoy shooting firearms
I still laugh at Jeff Foxworthy jokes
I still waste precious seconds of my life on the computer

So what do I know?

by Paul the Lion

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ha.. I really liked that it was very..eye opening, I guess would be the right wording. Great job. I have enjoyed all your poems I have read so far.