Why I Dont Know

Why I Dont Know
My existance consists of boredom,
lonliness, no purpose. Iam
angry at the world
i dont know

My days a routine
of nothing
I dont know

My sadness is controlling me
i dont know

Happiness what is that? i ask,
it has been a while since I felt joy
I dont know

Fustrations have taken over me,
self esteem gone
I dont know
Do i rely on that virtual piece of shit for fake
Are these people in virtual fantasy land
i dont think so
they are there for one purpose, and one purpose only....
for a cheap thrill, a flash.
nothing more
have i loss confidence, in real people?
there are very few real people out there
we live in a selfish and insensitive world
a loveless world.

Promises are made virtually
but once contact as been made
it changes, people dont see each other for their mind
their souls,
Only for a cheap thrill, deceptions....
i dont know
people seek for perfections
Are we perfect....... no way
we all have our flaws, inperfections.
but yet we have our own beauty....
our mind, our souls.
Ive always noticed what was good in a person,
now i notice for the flaws
its almost like they are plastic.
ahh we do live in a plastic world.
Why I dont know.
Lynda Soleil

by Lynda karim

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