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Why I Feel This Way
KS (2/28/1995 / )

Why I Feel This Way

Poem By krista something

why i feel this way
i cant explane
the reason why
i been acting so strange
and trying to be mistrious
just so you could like me
but i just want to say
my feelings are no joke
you mess with my feelings
i mess with you
and that is a garante
why im feeling this way
sad, mad, happy,
whatever it may be
im the one that creates
and ends with
my feelings
no matter what
but just to tell you
whatever may my feelings
may be
your not the controler
of my feelings
from the start
to finish
i controle
my feelings
and you dont
and that is what i say
for all you people out there
trying to controle
someones feelings

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