Why I Fell In Love With You......

Why I fell in love with you
Because there is no love without you
Till I met you there's loneliness in my heart
But today your love changed my life to feel better
You have taught me the meaning of love
So, I have learned that love is to be loved by you
I loved the dance of your eyes when you look at me
It tells me how much your love is cherished for me
Oh, my darling you have touch my heart and awake up my soul
that's make comfort with me, in each other's arms
There are no days brighter than your love
Your love guides me to the end of my journey
You are my gift of love that thrown from the sky
I will hold you tight for the rest of my life
Now, I can not live without your love
That's why my love fell in love with you.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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