Cautionary Tales For Children: Introduction

And is it True? It is not True.
And if it were it wouldn’t do,
For people such as me and you
Who pretty nearly all day long
Are doing something rather wrong.
Because if things were really so,
You would have perished long ago,
And I would not have lived to write
The noble lines that meet your sight,
Nor B.T.B survived to draw
The nicest things you ever saw.

by Hilaire Belloc

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Very beautiful poem...dear poet thanks...////
Woman is the inspiration behind man. Thank you poet
Great poem and lovely tribute!
Your cocluding line I regard the most beautiful, Gajanan Sir! This line: A breath of fresh air for life. Absolute beauty. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful poem. A 10++++++++++++ Full Vote.
I know her heart Is pure I know love Flows out from within a woman....I greatly admire your profound admiration for women in general!
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