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Why I Hate Poemhunter's Googly Ads
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Why I Hate Poemhunter's Googly Ads

Emoticon, emoticon...
(which syllable to put the accent on?)
nasty jumpy upandown thingies
I'll like to hit you out of court with a boing..., like Martina Hinghis

and as for Fart Button,
what sort of a site is this to have that crudely put on?

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The balance, I say, is, this site wouldn't be up to much without poems to read in peace! So keep the ads as quiet as the poems. No-one grudges Cenghis a reasonable income from that.
I agree Michael, but without the advertising, I fear we'd not be here, where is the balance Thank you though, you’ve expressed and opinion that I think many were already thinking Love duncan X