Why I Have Been..........

“Why I have been sent to earth” no one questioned
“What should I do to improve upon” thousands answered
“Have I not been gifted with single piece of mind? ”
: Is it necessary to be wild animal and not look kind?

Lot many question crossed the peaceful arena
Did not pick good signal without powerful antenna
I was the only creature on the earth so much worried
Ceaseless queries and confusions from all over carried

Is human brain gifted with powerful sensor to feel?
Immediate action with strong resolve and come out with will
No hesitation for moment to ward off danger and stave off
Great voice to be heard by reaching on the hill top

Why we are only burdened with superficial thinking?
Only degrading self with morale sinking
Think of the consequences which are yet to take off
Shirking of responsibility after disguising in wolf

Nothing is to be taught to us for simple reason
Every one knows what is trait and treason
Still there is confusion all over for what is called deception
Idea still remains mooted from the time of inception

Why to worry about another world which is unreality?
Who can tell us that it will better with super quality?
No one has come back from that end with any message
Why to think of an eventuality which has no usage?

Are priests, preachers, philosophers not scoundrels?
Have they formed secret understanding and cartels?
Are they direct descendents form heaven to earth?
Is there any weakening of talent, shortage or dearth?

I may go for easy living with simple solution
Living ideal life with firm and simple resolution
Praying for His blessings in days to come
Any holy guidance or message simply welcome

Why do we seek refuge when there exists nothing as such?
We have had enough and heard very much
Let Him guide us to the simple way and lead
Message of love should be understood and read

I may stay as simple as possible
Try to prove amateur and humble
There is no need to show immaturity
There is so much reward in simplicity

You may not be remembered for times to come
You may not be wanted also and unwelcome
Still you have some mission to accomplish
It has to be your endeavor to finish

Face the world but don’t preach
Try to learn but not teach
It may also look distant possibility
It may be fulfilled with your ability

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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