Why I Love You

I love the way you look at me and the way I look back
How I beat as if having a heart attack…
I’m loving the way you caress me
The way you don’t obsess over me
In love with the sound of your voice
So deeply in love with my choice
I chose you and only you
To be the one I call my boo
You the one I want to see throughout my life,
The best thing for me is to be your wife.
Oh so loving your swag and how you make your jeans sag
Oh so loving your style and how you cause a constant smile
Love the way you laugh, using your sense of humor
If you heard how I feel “OH” its not a rumor
I know you heard talk, I talk about you all day
Just go on and on how you call me your bae
Love how its just you and me cant no one take that spot
Last left to say is I just love you a lot…


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