MH (22 December,1985 / Grenada)

Never Be

I'll never be
a patter for
I'll never be
a great worker
or a good
I like being
particular and contrary
to many things
I will never
be a good
I will never
get a good
job or a
good salary
I will never
become an inveterate
saver but I
would like to
become one
I will never
think about my
future because it
will always be
I will make
sure I'm happy
I will never
be seriously engaged
with anyone
I've never been
nice and I'll
never be
In this life
I will never
I will never
be happy and
I will never
be completely guilty
or innocent
I will never
be appreciated enough
Perhaps I will
never appreciate simplicity
I'll never be
pretty and smart
I will never
be a brilliant
I will never
be without anxiety
or without gloomy

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Comments (5)

Beautiful love poem elegantly brought forth in persuasive poetic expressions from the heart. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Mysia and do remain enriched.
In my arms forever you'd rather be! ! Love and art! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The reason why you love that person is vividly expressed in this write..❤️10
Love poem.expressing th deep inner feeling
Mysia, such a lovely poem👍👍👍