Why I'M Gone

Loved to pick up the phone
And hear that southern voice,
Make no mistakes.
I did this by choice.

I listened to your hopes
And all of your dreams,
Wishing I wasn't pulling
All your the heart strings.

You are so sweet,
Such a wonderful lady,
I just wish things were
Different and I was ready.

Took a chance on a friendship,
Never wanted it to get this far.
You took me by surprise,
Worked your way into my heart.

You're just a good christian girl
From way down south,
Me, a small town lesbian
With a potty mouth.

Two souls that couldn't
Be more different, yet the same,
You have such a beautiful soul
And a beautiful name.

I never meant to hurt you
Or lead you on,
I dont want you to hate me
And wonder why I'm gone.

I want us to be friends
Talking once in a while,
Hoping you keep in mind
You are what makes me smile.

by Kristi Wilkinson

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