I Walk In Prayer

Fire flies amidst the green shadows
River of daunting beauty
Moonlight calls the poets
Vast sky of delight
Bask in serene breezes of dusk
Night cloaks the world of time
Timeless stars with regal glow
Trees whisper praise
I hear the words of love

Are you writing my dear tonight
Is the fire burning
I am the stranger you long for
You are the gold finches of hope
Shall we write of Keats and Dickinson
Shall we rest in each others array

Sorrow has sweetness of wings
Wings of requited joy
We are close
We are lovers in the desert moonlight
Your quill brings lace
Your heart sheds flowers
Fragrance of the divine night
Grass like moss of a bed
Islands of the rivers legend
I walk in prayer

by Joseph Narusiewicz

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