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Why I Went To Manhattan
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Why I Went To Manhattan

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

to see The Seven Samurai
I’ll never knew
already seen it eighteen times
but the huge screen
always an enticement
and I needed
a strong does of courage
that day as the temperature
hovered near a 100
only 97 when I stepped
into the street
could barely breathe
sweat dripping into
my eyes
“Hope I can find
the damn subway”
I mumbled to myself
finally made it
train comes packed
fear for my life
imminent heart attack
but have to get home
push my way in at 57th street
by 14th street
no good
gotta get off
feel feeble
don’t wanna faint
knowing my wallet
would taken off a helpless body
before the cops come
also shoes
but I’m on the opposite
side of the door
and mutter,
“Never get out.”
some black guy says, “You ain’t gonna have
no trouble
not the way you look
no you won’t”
And true
to his profound analysis
of my existence
he was right.

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I had the feeling once, can relate more truth than fiction. love it charles garcia