RB (Sept 1991 / )

Why I Write All These Poems

I write all these poems
Mostly to express how I feel
But also to express how others may feel
But don’t get me wrong
For these are still from the heart
And still so real

I write these poems
To better understand myself
To better understand others
Knowing that they have to deal
With situations much greater
Much greater than the ones of my own

I write these poems
To make me philosophize
And come up with things
That most could not have recognized
They make me really think into the emotion
To figure out what could be the solution

I write these poems
Knowing that someone out there
Is going through the same things
Someone out there is understanding
Someone can be helped
By realizing all those emotions they’ve felt

I write these poems
To show what’s on my mind
Also to show what other’s may be
Thinking of at the very same time
I write these poems
For you and I

This I think the poem basically summarizes all of it. But to kind of expand on it- What I mean by what others feel, is that I sometimes take a look around and I notice a strong emotion that one may be feeling. I try to fit in their shoes and figure out why and what exactly they may be experiencing. Sometimes, these poems are from my own experiences and feelings, some from what is going on around me, and others are because of a movie or book that had an emotion in which that inspired me. But that said, my poems are still somewhat emotionally attatched to me because of the thought I put towards it even if it wasn’t my situation that I was writing about….Thank’s for reading....and please comment on any of my poems if you get the chance. 

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Your explanation is exactly the way I have always felt and I dare to say that it so summarizes the way all real poets feel. It is unfortunate that many a would-be poet on this site is under the misconception that poetry is a vehicle for whining about all the failed attempts at bonding that lie strewn along the abject path to adulthood. It is interesting to find those who discover subjects which broaden their life experiences. In my poem ‘Brush Strokes’ that is what I tried to express. Adeline
I like this. Most poets, or writers in general have a reason why they write poetry. I think it is nice how you wrote on poem on your reason. Also, it is nice how you wrote that you write in order to brings others to certain situations they may not have recognized.