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Why Is A Poet?
DM (20/12/1988 / Colchester)

Why Is A Poet?

Poem By David Mitchell

It is the part of the poet
To tell his readers
What they already know
and know they know
So that they understand it
a little better

(Saturday,5th November,2005.)

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Perhaps I should have written 'what they already know, and know that they know, without necessarily realizing that they know it or that they know that they know it'.
Myself, I'd amend it to 'what they already know, but don't know they know'...but yes, it's the great secret of self-knowledge, philosophy and religion to name but much... so best of luck to you, David... as who-was-it said to whatsisname (Gide to Cocteau?) - 'Etonnez-nous' - 'Astonish us'...
No truer word spoken, David. Edmund Spenser himself said that the purpose of poety is to 'educate and delight'.
In a nutshell, I suppose you are correct David, but it's a little more complicated than that imo. Good try though. 9 from me. Smiling Tai
In full agreement David. This gave me a chuckle. Sincerely Ernestine