Why Is Change Difficult?

• Change means make or become different or to do something else. It is hard at times, some people fear the unknown and the period of transition, some hesitate due to lack of motivation and skills, some people don't want to come out of their comfort zone, some people want to know "What's In It for Me? (WIIFM)".

• Other reasons include: Narrow Vision or Tunnel Vision, lack of common ground, lack of trust in authority, lack of buy-in, lack of direct involvement with the organization, lack of interest and the fear of losing control, and other times it's only because people don't want to feel uneasy and uncomfortable because it gives them anxiety and stress.

Many People fear CHANGE; thus it may stand for:

C - Lack of Choices, Common ground and fear of Losing Control

H - Lack of Honesty, Involvement and Trust in authority

A - Lack of Appreciation, Vision, Relevant Skills and Buy-in

N - Lack of Negotiation and the understanding of WIIFM

G - Lack of Genuine Interest and fear of leaving comfort Zone

E - Lack of Encouragement, Inspiration and Motivation

Seema Chowdhury
January 7,2018

by Seema Chowdhury

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You have brilliantly presented what Change is about through an acrostic poem at the bottom! A fabulous write! Thanks for sharing……10
Aaine Nau se darna, tarze kohan peh adna Manzil yehi kathin hay qaumoN ki zindigi meN (Fears of new ways obstinacy on old customs is the diifficult stage in the lives of the nations........Iqbal)
Wow! ! Psychology of change- why it is necessary and what makes people wary of change. Nice study and its poetic presentation. Thanks, Seema ji.