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Why Is He Always Depressed?
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Why Is He Always Depressed?

Poem By courtney helm

He comes in the school acting like a mystery,
No one knows about his history,
He has no smile on,
He acts like something’s wrong,
I want to know why,
He’s never alright,
Why is he always depressed?
Why is he a mess?
I’m so tired of having to guess,
Why is he in such distress?
Why won’t he make progress?
Why isn’t he going to confess?
I want to be his guide,
I want to hang by his side.

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Comments (3)

This poem is like me.my friends say the same things but I never tell them why it hard...I like it.. :) . :) I'm sure when his is ready he will tell you..
I love the rhyme scheme on this. It's a great poem it kinda reminds me of one of my best friends Best Wishes, Angel
I like it, just talk to him & ask him why