AM (June 27th 1990 / New Orleans)

Why Is It

Why is there hustlers out in the streets everyday? ?
hustlers trying to get money, but getting locked up by under-covers or snitched on
why is it when you watch cops most of the time they are showing blacks?
there are white trying act black
but why
you cant even walk into the store with out the Clark watching you so closely
you cant even walk in the street without harm being done to you or others
everyday of our lives someone goes missing or hurt
why is it racial is still going to this day?
People wanna complain about mix babies being born these days
I'm mixed my own damn self
mixed to the point people don't even know what I am or What to call me
some calls me
yellow, red, mix
how about you just call me red or mix
my name is Ariana
used that

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