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Why Is It?

why is it that as you get older
and have more responsibilities
the people that you love
take away your privileges?

your old enough to drive a car,
but they will not let you go very far.
or you want to go hang out with your friends
but you keep you locked in.

so you stay in the house
and act like a quiet little mouse.
you try to act normal
but the emotions in side
will not subside.

when will you understand?
im old enough to take care of my self.
but from time to time i will need their help.

if you didn't want me to grow up
why did you teach me, then?
right from wrong & not to lie.
because from what i can see
your being a hypocrite to me.

you're lying to me and to yourself
by saying 'i trust you just not the others'
but if you trusted me you would know.
know that even though
you thought i was not listening...
i was and
that a little piece of you
is inside of me.

so please let me be me
and become semi-free
let me go out and
see what high school life is all about.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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