Why Is It!

When you find a dress that’s a delight, it’s far too tight!
When you find just the right merchandise, it’s not in your size!
When you find a perfect fitting shoe, it’s in brown not blue!
When you find a shop that caters for your age, nothing in it is ‘the rage’!
When you search for nice elegant clothes, where you get them from, heaven knows!
You’re trying to look real smart, and not a tart, but the only designs are for the lower teens, .
At least there are jeans!
Oh, please don’t make us look so out of date, it’s not too late, to be an older beauty, a real cutie!
We’re certainly not past our ‘sale by’ date, never underrate us, MATE! ! !
There’s more to us than meets the eye, SWEETIE PIE! !

by Ernestine Northover

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oh, lovely..just cute.. ha ha..why is it, that you seem not happy to just have that all stuff and buy it, and give it to me? joke, joke, joke..Well, Ernestine, you have shown your other side..the humor..i enjoy this, really..top marks from me! love and hugs, Meggie
I can see that clearly from here Ernestine, and no, I for one have never underestimated you I think that you carry your style where ever you go, and it is not something that could ever be tailor-made...It's natural, , see beyond the clothes and who knows what fassion we'll start All the best darling Love duncan X
Go with the jeans, it works and dang you're right, we're looking good...I'm saving this...I will laugh as I venture again into 'The Gap' where everything looks good and there's always a fit.....Shoes, my obsession, there'd be hell to pay if I couldn't have the ones I wanted......Yup, about the smile, the hair, the shoes, the jeans....strip that all off and we're damn good underneath! ! ! ! ! So all you 'Sweetie Pies' watch out, you'll never know what hit 'ya. we only get better as we age, like a fine wine with experience and not needy thrown in the mix as well.~~marci.xoxo, :) ~~~
I adore this poem. Very whimsical with it's rhyming pattern. It tackles the weightier (punny) subjects in life. A purely enjoyable poem to read and re-read! Fondly, Ashley xo
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