DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Why Is It Silent This Ocean Of Souls?

The circle is turning its seventh wheel
And reality is breaking at its boundaries
Small worlds are colliding once more
Upon the tapestry unfolding
And we are to set our sails for new horizons
We are to set sail in search of a home we have never known.

Where are the birds of morning’s song?
Why is it silent this ocean of souls?

I shall ask the elders….

Allow your heart to smile
Allow your friends to sing
And dance, go dance just for a while
And know the love you bring.

Her eyes they shone a diamond mile
Below the moon a lamplight flickering between island clouds
I asked her to dance just for a while
And then I lost her in the crowd.

Moralities rotten, inhibition forgotten,
The dance is led, wild and fed upon the souls of the dead still dreaming.

Where are we now to turn?
Where now for us to run?
Now that they burn our books
And chase the innocent down
Vermin flesh torn by vermin hounds

The purple journey leads my soul
Through the void to make me whole
The purple journey bends my mind
It leaves me lost and hard to find.

It stirs within the forest night
It stirs within the nightmare
It stirs within the burning light
It stirs within all we share.

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