Why Is It That, On Nights Like This.....

Poem By Hilda Bristow

Why is it, that on nights like this
My eyes won't close, my brain won't rest
My body which should really be
Relaxed, is full of lively zest
What realms of fantasy shall I seek
What mountain peaks will draw my feet
What ocean depths their secrets tell
Upon what star shall we two meet
And shall I walk on golden sands
And shall I fight some deadly foe
And shall I find a great new world
Or shall I seek the long ago
I'll live among the gods awhile
I'll find a jungle to explore
I'll face a raging forest fire
I'll tread a cursed forbidden shore
What next? What next? What shall I be
A Queen? a mermaid from the deep?
A Witch? a goddess? who can tell
Oh foolish brain, to bid me now sleep

Comments about Why Is It That, On Nights Like This.....

i think we've all had nights like this. added to my faves. liz.
this was the first one I read and I really loved it.
I can't resist reading these. They are magnetic. Sinc Ernestine
I just had a night where I woke up exhausted because I was so active in my dream.

4,8 out of 5
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