Why Is That Important

I'm not one to build molehills into mountains.
Or carry an umbrella to shade from Sun.
I am here to experience 'and' make mistakes.
Nor am I one to repeat over and over...
Those lessons taught I should have outdone.
With 'something' learned to overcome.

I am not afraid to admit my faults.
Or try to masquerade my blemishes.
But I do stay clear of those who make excuses.
Since my ears do not hear them,
With attention to them to give.
I've been down that crowded road.

I'm not one to build molehills into mountains.
Or waste time with those who do.
If I can find just one person who has integrity today,
To share my life being upfront and in an honest way...
Without putting emphasis on preferences and looks,
That's 'my' gift I've been searching one day would appear.

'Are you...? '

YES! I am.

You have no idea what I am going to ask.'

Why is that important,
If I have your answers?

So you are one of 'those'? '

Trust me.
I am 'none' of those at all.

What are you saying?
You are upfront and in an honest way? '

God is 'good' aint He?

'All the time.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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very nice poem indeed, we need integrity among people but we seldom find....please read my new poem.