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Why Is The Door Laughing?
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Why Is The Door Laughing?

Poem By Mark Anderson

Why is the door laughing?
Why is the cloud frowning?
Why is the cat crying?
Why is the sun smiling?

Why do bears hula dance?
Why do cars play a game of chance?
Why do trees become popsicles in the snow?
Why do birds get their mail in SoHo?

Why do lamps become rocket ships to the moon?
Why do boxes become houses with many rooms?
Why do flowers shine like the sun?
Why are leaves parachutes for ants on the run?

Why do sharks fly through the sky?
Why do dogs sit at a table and eat pie?
Because these are things only children see,
A youthful imagination the heart has set free.

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Very cute poem Mark. Sincerely, Mary