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Why Is The World The Way It Is?
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Why Is The World The Way It Is?

Poem By Kayla Surber

All things now are materialized
Who has tie to care who lives, who dies?
Over polluting the world is of little concern for the common man
The UV rays now give more than just a tan
The Ozone as we know it is depleting
Every waking second, even when we're sleeping
The conflict in Iraq is a focus in the news
We all react as if it is our cue
We try to make that place more habitual
Each week prices increase for buying fuel
It seems like money is the ruler of our life
I believe it causes too much strife
Religion is another major topic
Who cares if you believe in God or not?
Believe what you want and do not judge
Why must people hold such a grudge?
Gay or straight? Its a personal choice
Everyone should have their own and equal voice
If they say to fight for what you believe in
Then why is killing another person such a sin?
If we could all just live and let live...
And more of us could be assertive...
This world would be a much better place
But one question still remains in any case
Why is this world the way it is?

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