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Why Lie

Why Lie

Why lie to me my love,
make promises you,
never ment to keep.
Whisper to my heart,
all the words it longs,
to hear.
When you knew all the,
words were untrue.
Why take my hand an,
walk with me when,
there is another on,
your mind.
Why do you wish to,
hurt my heart so.
Make me think my,
love your all my,
dreams come true.
When all you really,
want is the other,
you dream about.
I must be a play,
thing, for you to tell,
your friends about.
You won my heart,
then walked away as,
cold as ice.
My love,
here is a fact for you,
I loved you with all,
i had to give.
But if i had it to do,
over again,
I'd rather be shot,
in the heart.

Written by,
copyright Jackie Kirby2/27/04

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