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Why Lifes So....?
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Why Lifes So....?

...life seemes to be monotonous,
nothing much happening
it seems to be dull, moth eaten.

day after day rolls out,
and nothin' materialize,
you seems to be toiling,
but nothin' actualize.

'Today i'll do this, ' i say,
'tomorrow i'll achieve that' i said,
but this today appears constant,
and that tomorrow never seems appearing,

god help me
'i want to fight myself',
everything here,
seems to be sightless,
i am standing on the peak,
n peak still looks so high.

now i struggle,
after having battled so long,
battles have exhausted my energies,
and left me doddering and hoaring

i have been broken down, burned out,
i am exasperated,
just need some breeze,
i need to sleep.

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