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Why Love Is Hard….
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Why Love Is Hard….

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

Love is hard because:
Giving up freewill is insane
Forgetting our rights leads us absolutely astray
But there is no way to explain
Why we really do it anyway.

Because forgiving is defiantly not right
Its hard to keep doubts at bay
Because I don’t have to recite
Why we do it anyway.

Because its hard to realize that you don’t need more
That everything is fine the way it is
That everything else you should ignore
Because nothing is better than his kiss

Because you want to do it right
To observe every tradition
Forgetting to have the sight
To ignore the bull of intuition

Because we really don’t want just any guy
Because deep inside we want the ones our friends depict
That whatever you want to admit or deny
We are really that easy to predict

Because you want to catch him in that lie
Because you want this to end but last forever
Now can you see why
I think that when it comes to love us girls are not that clever

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Nice write Yari! ! I think you you girls are real clever! ! Thank you for sharing! ! *10*! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad