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Why Me

I dont know why i am the one that gets hurt
I really need to know why me
What did i ever do to her i really dont know
I just want her to love me again

Instead on me its him, why me
Am i not pretty enough for her
Am i not smart enough for her
Am i to fat for her, why me

I just want to know mom what did i do
i dont deserve what i am going threw
I am sick and tierd of hurting myself
I am sick of it

These scares make me more mad at you
so the question is why me?
Why do i have to be a cutter because of you why?
i really dont know, really i dont
Can you please tell me, please

I will do anything for us to go bad to normal
Just me, you and, sis
I will get prettier
I will get smarter
I will get skinnier
I just want you back

So the question again is why me
Maybe now you can answer it for me
Just maybe, please tell me
What i have done to deserve this

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Hey ok is this Nicole or is it that stupied person who came under Nicole's poemhunter thing and wrote all of this horrible poems about her WHEN IT WASNT EVEN HER! So if this is Nicole who were you talking about? And I hope you are not or was not a cutter. PEACE