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Why Me
NM (07061972 / Chicago)

Why Me

I find myself thinkin, the trials I faced
I know I'm not the only one, and yet events take place
Sometimes it feels, that I'm all alone
And God has somehow overlooked, the things going on
That's when I knew, my faith was weak
That when God said, you need only a mustard seed
I'm listening to the prayers and the cries
And I'm here and don't give up inside
I've heard u ask me, Why Me?
Because others have experienced suffering and now u see
I thought to myself I've sinned in my day
I never thought, I was perfect in anyway
And yet this trial, I've never had before
And I asked God why me, even more
In God's plan their's, no Why Me?
Lord knows that was hard for me to see
I think of the times, when I lost my way
And I prayed for strength and mercy everyday
Lift the Burden, that has been put on me
I don't want Racism and Hatred, just Humanity
He knows my heart and how I've tried
And I know now he hasn't left me, He's standing by
I've struggled with the saying Why Me?
The wrong not being right and the events I see
I know he watching and taking heed
To the words I write and the word's I speak
My fears and concerns, take over me
And that's why I ask God Why Me?
He told me don't give up on your dreams
That he has a greater plan for you and me
When you come to me and ask Why Me?
Just look to the Human Element in Humanity
That's Me-And now you see

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A touching heartfelt verse. Beautifully written. Best wishes suzan