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Why Me? ?

Me, myself and I,
What more can I say?
What more can I be?
Everyone seem to hate me,
Why is it have to be me?
Why me to be hated by others,
Why me to be feel lonely,
Why me soo unlucky,
Why me soo ugly?

Date: Sunday 25th April 2009

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i'm sure not everyone hates you, i'm sure you're not ugly, i'm sure you're not really unlucky! sometimes things seem bad, but you'll get through it! after all, what doesn't kill you makes you a better person afterwards :) best wishes, Athena
You ugly and unlucky? ? You haven't seen me yet. I got heaps of both! ! ! All the good and uncomfortable stuffs we get in life come in varying shapes and sizes. And we don't come to this world with guarantee cards attached to us either. I feel that 'inner beauty' is a greater test of happiness. (Many will disagree..cosmetics companies including) . Hey, you want a secret formula for HAPPINESS? Here it is: (1) Time will tell. And (2) It depends on you (whatever) . Now, anytime I feel bad, I'll get in touch with you and discuss who's uglier of the two (I'm much more...any day! !) Cheers. Subroto