Why, Mommy?

Poem By Giuliana Watson

Why do the leaves fall so soon?
Why don't the birds chirp?
Why does the sun leave at night?
Why do we hurt?

Why must we leave our things?
Why must we go in silence?
Why, mommy, do we live in a basement?
Why must I live in defiance?

Why can't I have a doll, mommy?
Why don't daddy call, mommy?
Why can't a see it all?
Why do you fall, mommy?

Because, my dear,
The mommy replies,
Daddy's done a lot of things
To help us survive.

But he passed away, dear.
It's time to say goodbye
To all the nice things
You can't have or try.

We don't hurt,
We're strong.
The mommy says with courage.
Silence, because the neighbors will hear.

I don't fall, dear,
I stumble.
Then get back up to try again.
We are strong, love, untill the very end.


Aw! How sad!
Babe, look at the paper.
A little girl and her mother,
Dead in that old basement.
From hunger, they gather.

Comments about Why, Mommy?

God created mother to bear all the sufferings of her own and of others too.
You made me cry.
I may be biased because I love you so much, but this poem is truly phenomenal. The idea is creative and the diction perfectly reflects the mood and helps create the tone. You are gifted.

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