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Why Must We Hide?

we are not different
so why must we hide
hide what we are
hide our emotions
I’m over this
over the hiding
we walk amongst them
so why wouldn't they accept us
the true us
for me my hiding is over
it is forsaken
I will not hide in the shadows
in the darkness
it just makes it worse
I’ve waited
and waited so long
Waited for the time I became one of them
but today I realise I will never be one of them
I will always be the way I am
we will always be the way we are
we will always have this pain
but we do not always have to hide it
we can be open with it
at least with each other
let each other heal
what can be healed
we should not hide
we should not be ashamed
we should take a stand
we should step out of this darkness
we all have to accept how we are
and the fact that it will never change
we will be this way forever
but we can be happy and still have this pain
you just need to find that someone who can help heal the pain
help prevent some of the pain
Someone you can live in the light with
Someone who will come out f the darkness with you
Someone who will stay at your side

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Beautiful i loved it