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Why My Love? ....

When I recollect my days with you
I remember you and me sitting on the beach
Holding our hands with love while sunset down
I felt warm when I rest my head on your chest for a while
I heard your heart saying me 'I love you'
I felt so good and I dreamed my future going to be filled with love
But following day you came with heart breaking story
I never thought your heart will become a nightmare for me
And your words are pierced in to my heart like a knife
How can you love someone when you hold my hands
Don't you know how much loved you and cared you
Your love and your words are so meant to me
My tears from eyes will tell you how much I miss you
You have given your heart to some one who you think
love you more than me.
You can leave me but remember my tears never
stop fall down my eyes for you and my heart never stop
saying your name all the time.

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Such a love why will get fractured? Why you’re apprehensive? Well to compose poetry such poetic elements adds diamond particles reflect beams and sparkles 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK