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Why Not!

The inauguration of the wheel of life


As soon as inhaling starts

With the first breathe of air

Calculations launch

Seconds, hours and days spread their wings

The touch that provides a new dawn to life

As kith and kin like roots fix deeper and deeper

Till the fathoms of generations

Presenting a welcome address

To the foundation of a great drama

The vicious circle of life measures

Centuries and centuries

Weaves new dreams

In ever new tunes

Remodeling old stories with

Great touch ups

Silently hanging soul

Like an oasis for a while,

as a vacated spring for a bit

And collapsing as a sick feeling at some other time

'I-feeling' creeping and seeping into every cell

Every selfish possession of mine

As hot steam fogs the vision

Spare a wink of your time

Warn the unconscious soul

What right one had to wait for some one

To spread a red carpet

From the land of birth to grave yard

Why don’t I myself lay a new path

Oh! What a fill of satisfaction

Till the last step of journey


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