(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Why Not Make A Date

Don't be the one in the dumps!

Why not make a date.
To give all your frustrations up.
And not take more of any stuff.
When enough is enough you've had enough of.
So you say.

Why not make a date.
Now before it gets too late.
To let yourself begin to hate.
Because somebody chose you to bait.
With their wish to have you berated.
And you ate it.
Leaving you feeling constipated.
To do to be used as a fool again!

What will it take for you to ever learn.
To use your mind and not your heart to think.
Long before you awaken from a stupor.
And long before you choose a one night stand.
Few today believe,
One who teases another to use and self please,
Is seldom to be a virgin.
Claiming to have finally found,
Someone special to love on an hourly...
Payment basis!

Don't be the one in the dumps.
Knowing after midnight,
And in a red light district.
Few are there if any at all,
Seeking with wishes,
To discover a prayer partner.

What will it take for you to ever learn.
Your mind is for thinking.
And your heart should ignore,
What teases to wink!

"You make me feel as if I am desperate."

Let me just say,
You have yet to prove...
The doing of it you are not.

"Where am I? "

Don't worry about.
I called a taxi to come and take you home.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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