Why Not Now? ? ?

I will do it someday,
I will do it when I
Find the right time.
Let me think more
About it,
Let me ask all who
Know more.
What other people
Will think if I
do this?
My pen does not write
Well, Where are the papers,
Why is there not enough
Let me do it in the
Morning.No, let me do
It in the afternoon,
No, let me do it
In the night.
I tried all this.
Nothing did I,
Nothing gained.
I stood where I
I must either do it
Why am I postponing?
Is it because I am Lazy,
Is it because I am careless,
It is because I think what
Others will think of me.
I have decided once and
For all,
I will start and finish
Now or never at all.
I am sluggish,
Either good for nothing,
Or I am something,
I can do it.
Let me do it now.

by gnrao rao

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