Why Not Stay A Little Longer?

Die the roses one by one;
The sweetest colors fade.
Why the sudden death?
Why not stay a little longer?

Just as moonlight passes by, life must also at some point.
Where's the fear I used to know?
Have I become so loose that I have no reverence?

No, honor still is there- but as the roses die one by one,
bleed my soul with eternal love.
Stamp ever my heart and mind with things of delight and dear things I need.
Waste not anything; even the old and bitter.
They are the ones we seek to kill, yet do not. The death haunts us all, and only in death do we find real peace. So why fear death?
I think I'll just stay a little linger.

by Sarah Clark

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You certainly give a lot of reasons for staying a little longer. Death is never simple. Life is all not ever simple. 'Waste not anything; even the old and bitter' has a lot of meaning for me.