Why O Why O Bloody Why

Poem By Pickled Onion

Why do people not put me in their mouths?
Am i not tasty?
do i not make them have a nice feeling?
do i smell?
please tell me why O why!
am i the only one thats going to not be eaten
i feel so sad
so left out
Does anyone like me?

Comments about Why O Why O Bloody Why

Ha ha this is killing me by laughter
I love pickled onions. I'll eat you. =]=] But do you really want to be eaten. If I was a pickled onion i would want to be left out and forgotten.
cool poem! A bit cynic and with a touch of humor.. nicely done HBH
I find this childlike and creatively refreshing.
mai.......ur really SWEET(not) dont criticize someone who you dont even know.....

4,4 out of 5
36 total ratings

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