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Why, Oh Why
JF (july 7,1943 / des moines iowa)

Why, Oh Why

Why are there no ants around,
until you want to have a picnic?
Why does it rain, everytime
you wash the car?
Why do people find money on,
the other side of the street,
from you?
Why does the phone ring,
everytime your in the bath tub?
Why does the weather turn,
bad, when the home baseball,
team return home?
Why does the traffic light,
continue to stay green,
when you want to stop the car,
to look for something?
Why, oh, why we ask?

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Comments (3)

yes because you're looking/////
What a thought provoking write-for I have often wondered about some of these things myself. Thanks for sharing.....
Valid questions, how about this one... why do you catch the flu when Christmas is only two days away and all the kids are coming over to your house for dinner? Like the tootsie pop commercial... the world may never know...lol