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Why Oh Why! ! !
RSS (04-21-57 / missouri)

Why Oh Why! ! !

Poem By richard (sean) scarbrough (james)

Why oh why must cows never fly, do you think they might?
Why oh why do camels never cry, do they cry at night?
And why oh why must pigs just live in a pigs sty?
Would'nt they be more comfortable in a mud sty?

So many questions and so few the answers Why oh why?
Why oh why do I wonder so much I could just die.
All my questions I know must have some answers
It's not like I want to marry a big Russian Dancer

Insatiable curiousity is what I'm told that I have,
Is it fatal, do I need a will or maybe just some salve?
I know that puppies do not run faster than cars
But can an aardvark really hum a few bars?

I guess I probably will never have all the answers,
but I still will not marry a big Russian dancer.
So to all of you who think the thoughts I think,
Tell me does Moon cheese really stink?

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