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Why Punish Me
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Why Punish Me

Poem By Krupa ...

I don’t remember when we first fell in love
All I know it was pure as a dove
In the start I was hesitant to give in
Because I had skeletons hidden within

Knowing you wont understand
I buried them under the sand
The day I could not hide any more
My heart in front of you I pour

Things went the way I had feared
You started acting weird
I cried and tried to tell you that you are the only one
But all you wanted is to leave me and run

You punished me for my past
And said our love will not last
How can you forget the love I gave you
So real, pure and true

You shouldn’t have punished me for my honesty
Because now all I believe is dishonesty
What I am today is your gift
Hatred in me is what you have fit

By letting her love in
You broke me completely from within
How can I trust and love again
When all I am left with is hatred, tears and pain

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This poem is intriging and indepth, ,