(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Why Push A Tilting Cart Over A Cliff?

As pretentions go,
Why be amongst the few...
To object to them?
Participate or don't.
Only the ones made aware,
As this is brought to their attention...
With a mentioning of it,
Seem to become highly offended.

If what is being done reflects the environment,
With an accepted participation,
That is consciously intended...
Those may not be pretentions expressed at all.
As those who observe them have come to suspect!
That could be the depth of communication left.
Is a welcomed expectation with a doing at its best.

Eat to feast.
Dance and wine.
Obviously no one is giving their time,
To a thought process that might cause stress.
Place emphasis on entitlements.
And leave those less fortunate...
Accustomed to receiving the crumbs they get.

Why push a tilting cart over a cliff?
Who then would benefit from it?
Those who pretend it did not happen?
Or the ones trying to salvage the wheels,
With a hope to re-use the cart...
To enable them to again fight over crumbs?

'I don't follow.'

I don't advise that you do.
If you look around,
There are peaks...
Not valleys in abundance to be found.

'I don't follow.'

You don't have to.
You can stay if you choose,
And watch them make attempts...
To put wheels on a broken cart.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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