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Pains Of Love
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Pains Of Love

It hurts to love and not be loved in return.
lt hurts more to love and never find the courage to express your feelings.
Love hurts when you remove the feeling, passion and romance in a relationship,
yet discover you still care for that person.

It hurts more when someone loved is needed,
someone who means a lot;
someone who matters most.
Only to discover that you were never meant for each other;
and you've to let go.

At the closure of the door of happiness,
another opens.
Though often we tarry at the closed doors;
that we don't see the one opened for us.
The best love of friends is the one you'll be with,
never say a word;
then walk away feeling the best conversation ever.

We don't know what love we're missing until it arrives.
Giving someone all your love
is never an assurance of love in return,
let love grow in their heart;
though it doesn't.
Be content it grew in yours.

There abounds words you love to hear,
never would hear them from the person you expected.
Be not deaf never to hear those words,
from the one who says it from their heart.

Never say goodbye,
if you can still try.
Never give up,
if you can still go on.
Love comes to those who still hope,
though were disappointed.
To those who still believe,
though were betrayed.
To those who still need to love,
though were hurt before.
To those who have courage and faith to build trust and relationship again.

It takes a minute to get a crush on someone.
An hour to like someone.
A day to love someone,
it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Don't go for looks,
they can deceive.
Don't go for wealth,
it fades away.
Don't go for fame,
it passes with time.
Go for character and charisma,
go for content not container,
go for love not lust.
Go for quality not quantity.
Go for someone who makes you smile,
it takes a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
Go for someone who values you,
who makes you feel secured.
Hope you find that someone that makes you smile.

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Roald Dahl


Comments (20)

Sadly, English schools now have exactly this banal approach to teaching imposed on them.
I remember this from Form IV English lessons at grammar school, mid 60s.
This poem has been in my mind for about 40 years sitting listening to our teacher explaining how the soldier preparing for was just a normal young man who loved nature but was being prepared to go to war. So moving.
As a recruit in 1961 in the British South Africa Police in the then Rhodesia we had musketry classes under the Pride of India trees in the gardens of the Training Depot, which were flowering profusely. This poem takes me back like no other, to the hot Autumn sun and the bees collecting pollen - a beautiful memory.
I was never one for poetry. I liked November and Tiger tiger, but not much else.However in Asa Briggs's book on Bletchly Park. Secrer Days. The Naming of Parts.is mentioned. Something we had to read(no pun intended) whilst starting to learn about Bren guns at the commencement of National Service in 1958.
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