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Eating Fruits

Eating fruits,
Living well,
Going through life,
Seeing many things,
About your muse,
And about the muse of others;
But, this sweet muse of your love is composed with your mind!

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Nicely done. A lovely piece thus I do not agree with breast as poetry yet the image is poetic.
Human ascends to humanness with beauty and fragrance of poetry……..lovely line; I also like the picture. That humans NEED poetry to turn life more into what was meant by humans. Great point, especially here on PoemHunter where you have not insulted those who don't like or write poetry at all.
Poularity thief. Dishonest to the core. A joke! ! ! !
Chalk off one poem that I need not write, because you have aptly conveyed my feeling. Poetry is the telos or guiding star of a life. It helps us gather the far-flung materials that were thrown our way in life's course, so we can wrest meaning from them.
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