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Why Rhyme?
JC ( / Palo Alto, California)

Why Rhyme?

Poem By Jason Caporaletti

A friend asked me one time
why I always speak in rhyme
I said, 'no I do not'
She said, 'you do it a lot'
I said, 'so what?
Does it hurt you
my virtue
of speaking in form
to break the norm? '
She said, 'I guess not'

She said, 'I'm not jealous,
but it gives your words zealous'
I forced out a cough
I said, 'looks like it rubbed off'
She said, 'what do you mean? '
I said, 'Well, it seems
that you're speaking rhymes too,
guess it rubbed off on you'

She put on a smile
attempted denial
and said 'but my rhymes are a bore
you could easily ignore...'
I interrupted, 'non sense!
even simple rhyme is sublime and hence
it commands attention
because it adds a new dimension
to your words, it adds flow
to what you're trying to show'

She laughed and said 'you're doing it again
I said, 'when? '
She said, 'just now
I don't know how'
I said, 'just allow
random thoughts in your mind
to align

you don't need a vocabulary
that's super extraordinary
no need to choose verbage
that borders absurdage
just have the courage
to let your mind wander.'
and she pondered

She asked, 'is it forced? '
I said, 'sometimes of course,
it's a battle to save us
from all of the chaos
to give us peace.
So I struggle and muddle
to give form to my rambling so that understanding
will increase.'

She said, 'so it brings peace to you'
I said, 'That's not always true.
Sometimes it leaves me in a state
so irate
because the chaos is so great
and I'm trying to set it straight
but if randomness commands this universe
then I'm the one fighting fate
with my rhymes and my verse
and it feel like a curse
that I hate

She said, 'A horrible burden
for what you believe in?
That's BS! ' She said
'You have some other reason'
I smirked and I said 'well maybe there's one,
it makes you react
and that's kind of fun'
'I knew it! ' She said 'though your ruse made me think'
and I said, 'Well done'
with a subtle wink.

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Good structure. Good humor. Well done.