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Why She Dances

she steps into the dark, empty, and quiet room
on her first day it was a place of doom
she turns on the lights the room is so bright
it turns into her haven, her safe place....her home
a tiny dance studio in the suburbs but to her its rome

she breathes a sigh of relief as all her pain goes away
even the ones she thought were here to stay
even the ones she didnt know she had
now nothing could make her mad

she put on her shoes and took the first step
it felt as if she was on a cloud...... big fluffy and round.
she did a turn a leap and back down.

her heaven was unfolding around her as she danced.
and time took her mind and carried where she couldnt find
she danced and smiled and felt relief

dancing was her joy her peace her relief
and when she danced nothing bad could touch her
she often thought what if everyone could find a little peace of heaven like her

dance was her joy, her peace, her relief.....her tiny peace of heaven


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