Why Should I Be The Bait For You To Satiate Upon My Irritation?

I could make more sense,
If I chose to leave you some.
But I know if I did...
A clarity would not be recognized.
Or something like it,
Has been welcomed.

And I'd be left to explain,
What still would not be comprehended.

And my patience can no longer wait...
For that date to come,
Each time a thought in your mind is placed.
Or your eyes to show me,
An understanding has been done!

Why should I be the bait,
For you to satiate upon my irritation?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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This is a poem that many people wouldn't understand. A person who serves as bait as you say so aptly, has been selcted as the victim by a dominant personality and the fact that you refuse this role and put it into words does you a lot of credit. Bravo!